Google PageRank Checker

Google PageRank Checker

Enter the Page URL of the website for which you want to determine the Google PageRank below and click on ‘Find Rank’ button.

Note:The PageRank for each page in a domain may vary. For example, might have a page rank and may have another page rank.

PageRank N/A and PageRank 0 are Different
PageRank N/A – This means that your page is yet to be indexed by Google or has been penalized by Google.
PageRank 0 – This means that your page has been indexed but is poorly ranked.

What is Google PageRank?

Google PageRank is an algorithm which is used by the search engine giants Google to rank the webpages in their Search Engine. Google PageRank of a page is determined by the number and the quality of the links which are pointing to that particular page. The more the number of quality backlinks to the page the higher its PageRank will be.It is the first and best known algorithms used by Google to rank the webpages.

Important : More number of backlinks does not guarantee a higher page rank for that page.The links pointing to the webpage should be high quality (i.e) the links pointing to your page should also have a good page rank. So creating backlinks to your webpage using free online backlink maker tool may result in lot of low quality backlinks, but Google might see this as a spam and may even penalize your site.

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