Best Domain Registrars 2018

There are many domain registrars out there that gives you domains at a very cheap price, but most of them have hidden costs and a very bad customer support. I have had my domains registered with a few of the domain registrars out there and will be listing out some of the best domain registrars out there.


Namecheap domain registrar

Namecheap has always been the winner when it comes to domain registrars. Like the name suggests the domain name registration is ‘cheaper’ compared to many other domain registrars and the support is great as well. I have most of my domains registered at Namecheap (some of them transferred from other registrars). Moreover they provide free WHOIS Guard when you register a domain for a period of 1 year. Most of the services that they provide is also comparatively cheaper. I have been using Namecheap for the past 4 years and I am really happy with their service and would highly recommend you to register your domain in Namecheap ( you wont be dissapointed 😉 )

godaddy domain registrar

One of the reasons that this domain registrar is famous is because the .com domain registration fee for the first year is only $1. Of course the renewal price for the corresponding year shoots up after that, but that $1 domain was a real deal breaker for me to get started with my website. Though the domain registration is good at Godaddy, I seriously wouldn’t recommend their hosting service as I had some really bad experiences with them.

Another great domain registrar, although whose domain registration price is not as competitive as Namecheap, has a great customer service. The website also lists the domains that are expiring soon and if you find a domain related to business you could nab that domain before it expires and anyone else gets a hand on it.

Again another domain registrar that excels in customer support. Migrating domains to Hover is simple and easy as it is taken care of by them. A simple and easy to use admin interface is also one of the reasons I would recommend Hover as a domain registrar to register your domain at. They also provide a number of discount coupons and deals which you can make use of.

I had only recently heard of Gandi ( my bad :/ ). It has been in service for a very long time and is a highly reputed domain registrar famous for its ‘no-bullshit’ approach. Their pricing is transparent and unlike many other domain registrars out there you wont find any hidden costs on domain registration or renewal. On purchase on domain at Gandi you get a free SSL certificate for a period of 1 year, email services, gandi blog and much more.


IWantMyName is another good domain registrar based in New Zealand. They provide a good service and customer support though their price is bit on the higher side. Transferring your domain to IWantMyName is also done in a hassle free way. They too provide a WHOIS Guard when you purchase domain. The only low side here is the price, but other than that IWantMyName is one of the better domain registrars out there.


These are some of the domain registrars I have used and worth recommending. Have anything to say about the domain registrars mentioned? Or would you recommend any other? Comments are welcome 🙂

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