Best Web Hosting Companies 2016

Finding the right web hosting service for hosting my websites initially after moving on from was very tiring. After using blogger( for about 3 years I decided to buy a hosting package from a web hosting service and host two of my websites. First I started with a free web hosting service (which was a big mistake) . I have written another post which lists out some of the best free web hosting companies(But remember: You Get What You Pay For). After that I had few web hosting services after suggestions from few of my friends and one of the hosting service suggested was Siteground (the best hosting service I have ever tried). This site is hosted at Hostgator, whose server uptime is great but has poor customer support (not sure whether I am the only one out there!!!).

From the few known web hosting services I have tried, I have listed out some of the best hosting companies below,

6. DreamHost:


Though I use DreamHost for testing some of my projects, the things that I noted with them are that their support and server uptime are good. Their response time to my support tickets was good on an average. The control panel is easy to use and have some great options. They have a 97 day money back guarantee. DreamHost would be ideal for small websites. See full features

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5. iPage:


iPage found its way into this list because of its price and support. The features provided, for a hosting package under $2, it is really good. iPage is strictly for small websites and if you feel that your website will get good traffic, then I would recommend you any other hosting companies in the list. They have only one plan which includes many features under $2 per month. They also have a 30 day money back guarantee. See full features

4. Hostgator:


This website is currently hosted on HostGator and I have to say the I have had mixed experiences with them. One thing I have to say, the server uptime is really good. One more thing that I noted was that two of my websites currently hosted at HostGator, including, the page load time became a bit faster, Not sure what the reason is though. Their support (not sure whether its the same for others) has been really bad. I have been having the account for a year now and though I had only made two support tickets for the entire year, I used to get responses only after a week or so, which was really bad. Overall I would recommend HostGator for websites having small or medium traffic. See full features

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3. BlueHost:


This is another good web hosting company that I had used for about a year. The overall service was great during that one year. The server uptime was great and the customer support was good but not the best. They have a 30 day money back guarantee. I would recommend BlueHost for small and medium traffic websites. See full features

2. InmotionHosting:


It has been 6 months that I am using InmotionHosting and I am pretty impressed with the service that they provide. They have great support and a very good server uptime. Of these 6 months I had a total downtime of about 30 minutes which was pretty good. I would recommend InmotionHosting for websites having small, medium and high traffic(to an extent). See full features

1. SiteGround:


Got to know about this hosting company through a friend of mine. I was hesitant to buy hosting at SiteGround, because the price was a bit on the high side. But then I forced myself to buy the starter hosting package and hosted one of my website there. The experience with them is amazing, truly amazing. The uptime was excellent and their customer support was brilliant. I upgraded to their Growbig hosting plan and the service quality improved too. The response to the support ticket took hardly 5 minutes (on very rare occasions, 10-15 minutes) after upgrading to Growbig plan. I would recommend SiteGround for small, medium and high traffic websites. See full features



If you had different experiences with the above hosting companies or would like to recommend some other hosting companies feel free to comment below 🙂

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