Monetize website using Google Consumer Surveys

Google has introduced another way for website owners to monetize their website. Most of the website owners would want to monetize their website from the traffic they receive to their website and from the content that they have put in the website.

AdSense is one of the way a website owner can earn from their website by displaying quality ads. Now Google has introduced another way to monetize website called Google Consumer Surveys. This is not similar to Google adsense.

Let us see more about what it actually is

What is Google Consumer Surveys?

Google adsense pays you for each visitor that clicks adsense ad placed in your website. So how is Google consumer surveys different from adsense? Well, as the name says Google pays you for each visitor who fills out a survery placed in your website.

You can choose where the survey should appear, how many times to appear and also how much content must be made available

Who benefits from this the most?

You must have seen many websites which asks you to make a one time payment to access the contents of their website. Now these website owners can now get paid without asking visitors to pay for access to contents. The website owners will still get paid for each visitor completing a survey. Since google had launched consumer surveys this week few websites have implemented this and this is continued to grow in the days to come by.

Earning from Google consumer surveys

For one survey question the survey creator (advertiser) is charged 10 cents and the publisher will receive 5 cents and Google receives the remaining 5 cents. An equal share between the publisher and Google. Even though 5 cents may seem small, if you have a website having large number of visitors and even if a small percentage of these visitors complete the survey you could be in for some huge earning in a month’s time.

Criteria to apply for Google consumer surveys program

This program has just started so it is now available only to publishers from US, UK and Canada.(will be available for publishers in other countries soon).

Should have a Google adsense account in good standing.

Visitors to website must be 18 years or above.

Must follow Google publisher policies.


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