Google Adsense Alternatives 2015

Want to make money from your blog or website? Got banned from Google Adsense or Adsense still haven’t approved your application? Well this is not the end 🙂 I is hard to get approval from adsense and easy to get banned because of their strict terms and conditions. But many dont know that there are lot of other advertising agencies which I would say were better than adsense. Have good contents in you blog or website, drive in more traffic and monetize your website traffic by signing up for these best Google Adsense alternatives 2015.

I will not be ranking the advertising agencies as all of them are the best Google Adsense alternatives. Sign up for the ones you think is best suited for you.

Yahoo Bing Contextual Ads (

My favorite and a fast growing advertising network too. I am still using the ads on my other websites and it provides great contextual ads. Never had a problem with it. Initially will provide you with an RPM(Revenue Per 1000 Impressions) of $2.00.That for about 2 days for me. Before signing up for I had read many complaining that the RPM never goes up and keeps on decreasing till it reaches $0.00. After 2 days of signing up even I felt the same as the RPM kept on decreasing. But few days later that changed, I started get decent RPM. Sometimes it fluctuates and goes to $24(but that doesn’t happen always ;)) . Unlike Google Adsense, provides personal assistance for each member.I would recommend for those who has a decent amount of website traffic(preferably from US). The approval process is not too strict either.

Minimum Payout :$100
Mode Of Payment : WireTransfer/PayPal




This is another Google Adsense alternative that I would suggest for those of you who have just started a new website or a blog and have a fewer number of traffic to your website.They provide a number of different ad units suitable to your website needs.I had signed up for Infolinks when my application was rejected by Google Adsense few years ago. It does not provide good revenue initially when your website is new and you have a insignificant amount of traffic to your website but once you drive in more traffic you will see a significant increase in the revenue generation. Infolinks takes about 48 hours to review your application.

Minimum Payout : $50/$100
Mode of Payment :
PayPal, eCheck, ACH and Payoneer – $50
WireTransfer and Western Union – $100


Adversal :


Adversal is another excellent alternative to Google Adsense. Some of my friends have signed up for Adversal and I was really impressed with it. You will need a decent amount of traffic to your website of about 50,000 page views per month.They have a good CTR(Click Through Rate).It takes about 3-4 days for them to review your application.

Minimum Payout :$20
Mode of Payment : Paypal,ACH,Check or WireTransfer


I would recommend Chitika for those who have just started blogging. Chitika is a PPC (Pay Per Click) network. Why I recommend Chitika for those whose blogs are new, is that there is no approval process at all. Just sign up and add your code to any website. In Chitika Ad settings you will see that there are Unclaimed domains and Claimed Domains. When you paste Chitika ad code in your website, chitika will start to monitor the ad placed in your site. When few clicks occurs for that ad then you will see that your site name will appear in the Unclaimed domain tab, from which you can claim your domain.

There are three levels of domains that chitika rate – Bronze level domains, Silver level domains and Gold level domains. Bronze level domains get the lowest CPC ads and Gold level domains gets Highest CPC ads.Initially your domain will be bronze level, once you start getting more traffic and clicks Chitika will upgrade your domain to Silver level and then to Gold level.

Minimum Payout : $10
Mode of Payment : PayPal, Check
  • Roxana Sofia

    Hello all, I want introduce this ad network: Adtomatik. I highly recommend it because I’m using it for the last three months and got very good results, highest fill rates and better ecpm than others ad networks.

    • Mr Frog

      You mean to say better than adsense. o.O

  • How grateful am I reading this article. you wrote it in very good way.Thanks to let us know about high paying Google Adsense alternatives for our blog.

    here are no doubt that Google adsense is the world best Ad network for earn money. My most favorite and highly paying advertising network is buysellads after Google Adsense.

  • Thanks to you. I monetized my blog using Infolinks. Since adsense approval is pending over a month time. At least a considerable amount of revenue is being generated.

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