Best Web Hosting Companies 2015

Planning to run a website of your own? Assuming that you already bought a domain, it is time for you to choose the best web hosting companies that suite your needs.

I have heard many people ask me, “Why pay for hosting when there are companies who provides hosting for free with a reasonable amount of Storage space and Bandwidth as well?“. Well yes there are many companies providing free hosting with good features. But do you think they will just let you host your website without having you to pay for hosting? There are many hidden facts which I will list out in my later posts. As of now let us see the best paid hosting providers out there.

Best Paid Web Hosting Companies 2015


5. DreamHost

Dream Host

DreamHost is a reputable web hosting provider that has been providing web hosting service since 1997. They provide shared hosting with unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited e-mail accounts and many other features for a price of $8.95/month.They also provide a 97-day money-back guarantee.The hosting package also provides a free domain name registration, free domain WHOIS privacy, unlimited domain hosting and many other features. See full features here

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4. BlueHost


BlueHost is another great web hosting provider that I would recommend. Started in 2002, BlueHost provides many great features which includes unlimited domain hosting, email accounts, file transfer , free domain name for the price of just $4.95/month.They also provide anytime money back guarantee. See full features here

3. Ipage


This is the hosting provider that I would recommend for those who cannot afford to pay much for hosting. Ipage provides all the features that are available in many hosting providers for a mere $1.99/month (current special offer of $1.89/month). I haven’t used this hosting provider but a friend of mine had suggested that it was great for start-ups. They even provide a anytime money-back guarantee. See full features here


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2. HostGator


One of the best hosting providers out there. They provide a great server up-time ,excellent customer support at a reasonable price. There are three plans in shared hosting. I recommend ‘Baby Plan’ which has the same features as the other web hosting providers at a price of $6.36/month(Including the discount coupon). They provide a 45 day money-back guarantee. See full features here.

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1. SiteGround


I have seen that this hosting provider is not known by many. It was difficult to choose between Hostgator or Siteground for the 1st spot. But I decided to go with Siteground as it provides an excellent Server-uptime and excellent customer support. While it takes atleast 2 days to get a response for my support ticket at HostGator, I receive a response within minutes for a support ticket at SiteGround. This website is currently hosted on HostGator and I am having 3 other websites which are being hosted on Siteground for the past 4 years and had no issues with Siteground at all. They also provide 3 shared hosting plans. Here I would recommend GrowBig plan which provides premium features at $7.95/month. See full features here

Have any queries? Already owning a hosting account? Share your experiences by posting a comment below 🙂



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