Best Domain Registrars 2015

Choosing a domain registrar after you decide on the domain name you are going to register will not have any impact on the SEO of your website. But, you will have to look into each one of the domain registrars on the quality of service and the technical support they provide. You will also have to look into how much each domain registrar charges for the domain.All these have to be looked into once you decide to register your domain name with a particular domain registrar.

I will be providing some of the best domain registrars 2015.



Namecheap is an excellent domain registrar. As the name says,they provide relatively cheap domain names and good service. Well, other than the domain names rest of the services provided by Namecheap are not that cheap really. They are easy to use and provide lot more features.They also have a very good customer support.


I would recommend Namecheap for those who are looking for an affordable domain registrar providing quality support. My personal best 🙂



Although I will never recommend GoDaddy for hosting your website, they provide a better service in domain registration. I have some of my domain names registered at GoDaddy including this one. Never had any issues and they had a promotional price when I had registered for .com domains. Your domain will be registered within 24hrs (mine got registered in 3hrs).

$1.49 .COM Domains! Might Make You Cry Tears of Joy!

So I will say it again, do not host your website at GoDaddy. They provide cheap hosting but never fall for that. If you are looking for some good hosting companies I would recommend you to read this : Best hosting companies

I would say YES to domain registration and NO to website hosting at GoDaddy. is another quality domain registrar. The prices of domain names are affordable as well and also provide some good features such as Live lookup of bulk domains. The customer support at is excellent. is a great and quality domain registrar with an excellent customer support.


Hover Domain Registrar

Hover is another excellent domain registrar. They provide great customer support which is important in choosing a good domain registrar. They have lots of discount coupons which you can make good use of (you can search for it online).
Here’s a look at some of its price and plans


It is always good not to go with the same company for Domain registering and Website hosting. So register your domain name in a company and host your website at another.

  • Daniel Dessinger

    Your best hosting link is broken.

    • Anto

      Thanks Daniel 🙂
      I have updated the link.

  • Etreasures

    @Anto_Joy:disqus Why do you suggest using a separate companies for registration and hosting?

    • Anto

      I had few issues in the past, where I would register for a hosting account and would get a domain for free. But if I am not satisfied with that particular host I had to transfer both my website and also my domain elsewhere since they wont allow domain hosting if you don’t have a web hosting account. This happened to me 3-4 times. Transferring a website is much more easy than transferring a domain. This is why I suggested to host domains and websites in two different companies. But that is just a tip, maybe you wont have the same experience that I did 🙂

  • Tour_of_Rooms

    Why is GoDaddy good? They charge to protect your information from Whois. You can get free privacy and a registered .com from google for $12. Nothing complicated. No upsell. When it comes to a good company for just registering the .com, I would put google way in front of GoDaddy

    • Anto

      Yes, Google domain hosting is good and I would definitely recommend it. But currently it is still in beta and not available in all the countries. The domains can be purchased if one has a U.S. billing address.

      • Tour_of_Rooms

        Oh ok. I did not realize you are not in the USA> I wonder when Google will offer this service to you. I transferred my domain from GoDaddy to Google today. The interface is nice if you already use google for email and other things. I also agree with you the domain name registration with a good registrar and using a different host. I am looking at sitebuilder and ehost right now. Both are good and even though ehost offered free domain for life, that is only if you pay their monthly fee for hosting. If I do not like them for hosting my website, I will have to pay their fees for letting them to park my domain. I rather keep all my domains in one place and explore different hosts until I can find the right one. Sitebuider is supposed to be free with more options to make a very nice website. I am not sure of all the terminology for websites. I know there are many things to consider like mobile integration, social media, keywords, and other things. So many things. I am not sure what it all means yet.

  • chickadee33

    What about your opinions about Gandi?

    • Anto

      Though I don’t have any domains registered with them, I did hear good reviews about them. I will try registering a domain with them and will post a review on it soon.

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